Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Global Warming ?

Whenever I hear discourse about global warming in the media I don’t ignore the message but I have to chuckle a bit. If I recall, the Earth has been warming since the ice age ended millions of years ago. When we had one of the warmest months on record recently everyone was pointing to global warming as the culprit. Now that February is colder by several degrees than usual, where are the global warming alarmists? To top it all off, it snowed in Katmandu for the first time in 63 years. Let’s not also forget that global cooling can also occur. If you ask me, we need to point fingers at iced tea which may be the culprit for all weather variations and problems.


Anonymous said...

Scott, I *urge* you to take a look at the evidence. The science is sound, regardless of attempts by our government to discredit the countless scientists who are all essentially in agreement on the subject.

I *urge* you to take a look at photos of the ice caps and glaciers. We know how old the ice is by carbon dating techniques, and ice that is *thousands* of years old is melting. At a brisk pace.

Don't let a stretch of cold weather fool you. Five of the hottest years on record occurred within the last ten years.

You *need* to do more research on this, and I'm sure you will be a convert as well. At the very least, rent Al Gore's movie. It doesn't matter whether you like him or not...he does a great job and comes of as, well, likeable!

Anonymous said...


The comment for this post which was a link to A Dash of Insight was intended to be attached to My Thoughts On The Housing and Sub-Prime Mortgage Debate

Matt Curtright said...

Mr. Rothbort,

My favorite kernel of know is during medieval times, if I remember correctly, the earth was 3 degrees higher than it is today (even after our run-up in two degrees since 1900) and the average height of Europeans was 6’1”!! The theory holds that they were able to grow to potential b/c of the nutrients in the plants, ground, etc. due to the warmth

Love it!

Matt Curtright